5 nice tunes I listen to today on the SoundCloud

1. Rusty Beat Club – Tropical Banquete


Great house cleaning music during the day 😉 Hip shaking in evening 🙂

2. Bix – Viskas Taip Pat


“In the summer of 1991 Jonas Dainius Berzanskis hosted both Bix and Foje in Ann Arbor, MI. This is a track he produced at STS Productions LLC ( Silver Tortoise Soundlab ), Saulius told Jonas that the tune is about time Bix spent being interrogated by the KGB in Vilnius.”

WOW! This is something very special for us, born in the Soviet Union. Bix is my teenage years’ cult band but this is their song I hear for the first time! They started playing in late 80’s and played a very important role in the Liberation Movement and like most of  “dangerous to the Soviet regime” individuals were interrogated by KGB. This song (“I don’t care”) is about the interrogation… I’m very touched…

3. Rafal Aragon – Lambhangra


Just because it’s cold here in NL…

4. Sangita Sounds – Shamanic Sound System



One of the ayahuasca shaman’s songs during the ceremony or journey in/out/beyond the conciousness. I have never ventures on this trip but the sounds of those songs helped me a lot during the hard times of depression…

5. Avon Terra with Emily Taylor- The Journey 


Beautiful improvisation of one of my best friend’s brother…


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