grey yarn running down the shoulder.
river of wisdom.
dusty path I have walked.


5 nice tunes I listen to today on the SoundCloud

1. Rusty Beat Club – Tropical Banquete


Great house cleaning music during the day 😉 Hip shaking in evening 🙂

2. Bix – Viskas Taip Pat


“In the summer of 1991 Jonas Dainius Berzanskis hosted both Bix and Foje in Ann Arbor, MI. This is a track he produced at STS Productions LLC ( Silver Tortoise Soundlab ), Saulius told Jonas that the tune is about time Bix spent being interrogated by the KGB in Vilnius.”

WOW! This is something very special for us, born in the Soviet Union. Bix is my teenage years’ cult band but this is their song I hear for the first time! They started playing in late 80’s and played a very important role in the Liberation Movement and like most of  “dangerous to the Soviet regime” individuals were interrogated by KGB. This song (“I don’t care”) is about the interrogation… I’m very touched…

3. Rafal Aragon – Lambhangra


Just because it’s cold here in NL…

4. Sangita Sounds – Shamanic Sound System


One of the ayahuasca shaman’s songs during the ceremony or journey in/out/beyond the conciousness. I have never ventures on this trip but the sounds of those songs helped me a lot during the hard times of depression…

5. Avon Terra with Emily Taylor- The Journey 


Beautiful improvisation of one of my best friend’s brother…


… on karma

Karma is not an Eastern philosophy. You take some poison – you die. This is the law of cause and effect.
Chogyal Namkhai Norbu

… on the spiritual path

If you are reading this post most likely you, like me, are  following a spiritual path. Most of the people I know, do. For like nine years I was also following the spiritual path. Up until recently then I’ve realised that what I do is I’m working on my personal development.  Sounds less sophisticated (in my surroundings) but it is much more real.

I was lucky to meet my fellow budhist practitioners back in Lithuania more than nine years ago, and I’ve learned some meditation basics from them. Eight years ago I’ve met my dear teachers Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche and Sogyal Rinpoche. Their teachings was like water in the desert: I was listening to them all the time and I went to as many retreats as I could. I moved to the Netherlands were I could finally get all those books on Budhhism (there was not much available in Lithuania). So for three years I red spiritual books only. Some of them like Introduction to the Bodhisatva’s Way of Life or The Words of My Perfect Teacher made such a great impression that I was applying their methods every single minute. And I was trying really hard…

I cannot say that I was a hard core meditator but I did my best:  meditated as often as I could, chanted quite  some mantras and prayers, did some personal retreats, practised Yantra Yoga and tried hard to become a lucid dreamer.  I was on the spiritual path and found it very strange  then some of my fellows would doubt if their are going to attain Enlightenment in this lifetime.  I was sure I will because there are all the necessary conditions: I’ve met a genuine Master, I’ve got the transmission and I’m following the path.

Don’t get me wrong: all those mantras and minutes of meditation was not the waist of time. In fact, I believe it was a very cause of what happened next: my spiritual path became the story of my personal development. You see, until you really connect with yourself and face your seems-like-never-ending-vessel of your inner fears, traumas, obsessions and tendencies you are creating yet another story: the story of your spiritual path. This story might have little bit more value than the other stories we are making up all the time but it’s the same illusion. And I know it’s a big statement and might not be true for all the people but it’s coming from my personal experience. So I’m going to illustrate it with one example.

During the time when I was reading (you can almost say “eating”) Introduction to the Bodhisatva’s Way of Life I was also going through some stuff connected with my parents. I felt like they didn’t give me enough love and I was very angry. On top of that I was angry that I was angry (=bad practitioner).  The essence of the Bodhisatva’s Way of Life  is genuine compassion and loving kindness. So I was trying very hard to transform my anger to compassion for my parents. But in reality I just reset my brain to program “my parents did their best and they do love me but can’t express it”. So I believed I was practising compassion to ALL sentient beings for few years. And then I was forced to face my inner shit. And I did face it. But now there was not so much anger but a lot of pain… pain of the child that was suppressed for many years. I am still working on that but I can feel the result already now: for first time in my life I truly love myself and the love and compassion I feel for my parents and other beings has no “because”: my heart is open to give and receive love. Not always. But most of the time 🙂



… on shame and vulnerability

So recently I’ve been reading few books on family psychology where they explain it very explicitly how all those patterns we carry around are being formed in our childhood etc. But this TED talk has really hit me tonight. It really made me feel my shame and fear of vulnerability I’m hiding deep inside.

Brene Brown in her 20 min talk summarizes her research on shame and vulnerability. But I guess it is not only her words that touch me so deeply but also her warm manner of speaking. Essentially shame, she says, is fear of disconnection. To be connected with others is the most important emotional need of all the human beings. But in order to be really connected with someone we have to allow ourselves to be seen, to be truly seen. And that means to be vulnerable.


And here is another talk where Brene Brown talks more about the shame and specially about the different ways women and men are experiencing shame. Oh yes, that one really hurt or, rather, opened the wound…  The greatest woman’s shame: not being good enough, not being perfect enough.


the fog below the sea level

reminded me of the lonely fish who got cold

tons of melted snow and ice flooded the seas

ice age is over

he thought

gotta go to save Manus

…on the whale vomit

Now that we can smell the spring around us I thought it’s time talk about the pheromones. Pheromones are the molecules produced by various organs and are used by the animal (and humans) to communicate between each other. For this purpose they are expelled out of the body so that other individuals can smell it. Pheromones have few different functions like identification or alarm, but we are, of course, interested in only one: sexual attraction. Oh yes, we are talking about THE chemistry here 😉

To be honest first time I’ve heard about those pheromones was when I got fascinated by perfumery. Apparently, for centuries perfumers have been struggling trying to integrate the pheromones into their perfumes. There are few reasons for that but the most important, of course, is because all the pheromone containing essences are very strong aphrodisiacs. Therefore most of the people instinctively choose the smells which contain pheromones. Since all of the pheromone containing essences are of animal source they are also very strong fixatives: they bind together all the smells and prolong their life. It is said that some of them, for example ambergris, can retain its scent for as long as three hundred years.

All of the pheromone containing essences like musk, civet or ambergris come from the animal source and are extremely difficult to get therefore they are very expensive. Sometimes they are literarily worth of gold: one gram of raw ambergris sells for $20 while gold sells roughly for $30.  In 2005, a 200-year-old fragrance originally made for Marie Antoinette that featured ambergris as a main ingredient was reproduced in limited quantities for $11,000 a bottle.

So here comes the whale vomit. Yes, this mysterious highly priced substance called ambergris mentioned in all the ancient pharmacopoeias is actually a whale vomit, sperm whale vomit to be more precise. This one of the biggest marine mammal feeds on fish and the giant squids found in the depth of the oceans. Squid beaks and other indigestible parts cause the irritation in the stomach which is not a surprise since one whale eats about a ton of those animals a day! To ease the irritation sperm whale produces the secretions which is believed to have ambrein (the main ambergris compound) and is regurgitated like the cat hair ball. This huge vomit is flouting in the ocean for days or months (sometimes years!) till it drifts ashore where it becomes the grey or black lump.  When it reaches the perfumer’s laboratory it is dissolved in alcohol and that infusion is kept in the dark for at least ten years till it becomes a essence worth tens thousands of dollars.

I have no idea how the pure ambergris smell but it is said that its sweet woody smell is a very strong aphrodisiac and even has a narcotic effect. In the Middle East it still being eaten by men to increase their libido and by women to treat the infertility. Ancient physicians write that ambergris can  cure basically all the diseases: stomach problems, sore throat, mental diseases and even paralysis. In Europe in the 14th century ambergris was thought to protect from the plague or the Black Death.

Some of the perfumers say that ambergris is the closest smell to the actual smell of the women’s skin. It has this warm, mothering, grounding and at the same time intoxicating effect, that’s why nobody can refuse to it.   Ambergris is an aphrodisiac, narcotic and tranquilizing note that lifts any perfume creation above the mundane. It connects us to the emotions which lies deep within the human psyche making it irresistible to anyone who comes across it.

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… on transformations

So here we are in the year 2012, the year of the big transformations. For the last 2 years I’ve heard so much from my Mayan calendarists, conspiracy theorists and astrologists friends about the big changes which are going to hit the Earth and us earthlings on many different levels in this year 2012. And I did see the changes happening on Earth and in our society. Especially since the tsunami hit Japan and the radioactive particles spread everywhere and the economy fell apart like the house made of cards…  But now I finally see the changes happening on the personal levels.

I see people I know going through mental, emotional, spiritual transformations. I hear strangers telling their stories of change and quest. I hear so many people asking the question “how do I actually want to live my life?” And to me this is the proof that the long waited 2012 is here. I am glad to hear those stories of transformation although some of them are painful ones, but they all share on thing: they are the stories of growth.

In the last 10 years I had quite a few periods of painful transformation and I know how “pleasant” the karma washing machine is. So for the last few months I’ve been anxiously waiting till the shit is going to hit the fan.  But so far I’ve been only persistently pushed to open my heard and let the love flow. My personal 2012 story so far is the story of the open heart.

Welcome the transformation, my dear fellow earthlings! 🙂

… on feminine and masculine

So according to David Deida (and some other guys, but recently I’ve been mostly reading his books) we all have feminine and masculine energies flowing in us and around us. We all are different combinations of these energies no matter whether we are male or female, gay or straight. External factors like education, society norms and so on, influences whether we develop more masculine or more feminine energy in us as well. If we want we can also develop skills to be able to shift to more feminine or more masculine mode of being.

I’ve been observing myself a lot for the past few months trying to notice when I am in the feminine mode and when I’m more in the masculine flow of energy. Actually, just very recently I’ve started to distinguish the flow of those two different energies. I’m talking here not only about the way I talk, dress, walk and so on, but also about the way I respond to the world, challenges and problems; the way I respond to people and their actions and words, sometimes even thoughts; the way I do my practice and so on.

The moment I go into discussion about anything  I feel the scale leaning to the masculine side. I want to prove I’m right, I want to show my knowledge…. almost 100% masculine! That also applies to the days when I want to escape from this world and just sit in my room, chant my mantras (the more the better!), sit there in contemplation (don’t move!) and do Yantra Yoga (lots of it and the hard way). Masculine, masculine, masculine. Determined, heavy, one-pionted. And then the feminine comes in and brings lightness (in weight and lucidity); it pulls back the masculine energy into this very reality from the world of ideas and mental meditations. Female energy is being here and now but not in the static moment. It’s being here and now in the movement, in flexibility, in constant manifestation of appearance and disappearance….

Hello world!

So here I am… starting my very own blog! With the standard first post: Hello world in all your colours!

The idea of writing  my own blog was buzzing in my head for quite a while already. First I wanted to share the knowledge and articles about my biggest passion: aromatherapy. But there was something missing. And then the other night I was going through my notes and I thought ‘How colourful they are!’ So many different subjects! There were few things in those notes I wanted to share with all of you. But mostly I wanted to organize all that stream of information coming to my head and heart. Therefore the blog is called Daiva’s Notes… on life in all it’s colours. I’d love to write on bright ones only but I’m afraid the dark ones won’t be left out as well. And I do hope you will find some interesting read here and leave your comments.

So welcome and thanks for visiting! Lots of love to all of you!