… on being different


Totally… Every time a man, dressed in the colourful skirt and flower print silk top, styled with bright plastic necklaces and earrings, comes into the shop I work, he is amazed how wonderful the day is. He gets some Chinese tea and reminds me it’s the best tea in the world and he is gonna reuse the beautiful cans. Then he looks at me and is shocked how beautiful my eyes are like he would see them for the first time.

He is crazy, I’m telling you. He is dressed like a crazy cat lady, talks to himself, is always cheerful and gives compliments whenever he feels like it (extra crazy here in the Netherlands). He is one of the happiest people I met. Yes, I hear you saying he might be very unhappy inside. But since he always radiates love and cheerfulness I do believe he is happy.

Living not in accordance to the society norms may not always be equal to being happy. Living your true heart’s wish always is.